Accounting services

Accounting consists in taking over and processing your company documents, as well as obtaining all the records required by the legislation in force.

Starting a Business

“Ducont” can assist you in launching, monitoring, maintaining and improving your own business.

Tax Consultancy

This service aims at providing the entrepreneurs with the necessary assistance during the fiscal auditing period, as well as with various clarifications and information.

Legal address

The legal address represents the head office of a company and is an essential element in establishing a company, since it is indicated in the company’s Articles of Incorporation.

As the owners of a small or medium-sized business, you definitely have many tasks more important than managing your accounts. We can take care of your company’s financial flows in a professional and transparent manner, so that you, together with your small team, be able to focus your efforts on marketing or management issues, thereby generating higher profits.
At the business and enterprise level, accounting is perhaps the most important element because:
– the most important decisions within an enterprise are taken based on the accounting information;
– these accounting information help managers and external information users to create an overview of the entire structure, that is, of the company as a whole;
– it connects all the other components or departments of your company by integrating the information with respect to their activities into a common base.

The accounting services are extremely important for any small and medium-sized enterprise from the Republic of Moldova. These relate to the collection, grouping processing and systematization of the information on the flow of assets, equity, liabilities, income, expenses, etc., which, after all, represent the essence of entrepreneurial activity.

The accounting is also important because all the companies are obliged by law to have a transparent accounting information flow, pay certain fees, comply with tax legislation, etc. Our team is familiar with all these requirements, so you can work peacefully without being afraid of fines, penalties and other.

“Ducont” offers the businesses and individual entrepreneurs from the Republic of Moldova a full range of accounting services at a reasonable price.
The good organization of the all accounting related aspects will ensure the success of your business, therefore it is very important to cooperate with a highly professional team experienced in this field. “Ducont” offers the full set of services necessary to relieve your company staff and administration of any problems and headaches related to accounting, tax legislation, wages, taxes, documents, records, contracts, etc. “Ducont” can guide you from the first steps of your company’s activity up to its transformation into a successful business, providing accounting and tax record keeping and taking into account all the recent changes in tax legislation. Our services can be helpful at every stage of your company formation and for each accounting aspect.

By collaborating with us, you can benefit from:

  • Accountancy
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial report preparation
  • Tax report drawing up
  • Statistical report drawing up
  • Tax and accounting consulting
  • Assistance during the tax inspection
  • Calculation of wages and leaves
  • Calculation of taxes
  • Internal Audit
  • Starting a business

We undertake full responsibility for our activities and are accountable for our work. The services we provide can transform your enterprise into a prosperous company, with a transparent cash flow and with unlimited opportunities in the business world. We provide high quality, efficient, flexible and profitable services that are compliant with the corporate standards and, most importantly, with safe and accessible legal requirements.
The accounting outsourcing services represent the most effective solution for small and medium-sized enterprises from the Republic of Moldova. This will put financial development on the right track.
You can find further information about the basic services provided by “Ducont” on our website.