Accounting services

Accounting consists in taking over and processing your company documents, as well as obtaining all the records required by the legislation in force.

Starting a Business

“Ducont” can assist you in launching, monitoring, maintaining and improving your own business.

Tax Consultancy

This service aims at providing the entrepreneurs with the necessary assistance during the fiscal auditing period, as well as with various clarifications and information.

Legal address

The legal address represents the head office of a company and is an essential element in establishing a company, since it is indicated in the company’s Articles of Incorporation.

What is Ducont?

“Ducont” is more than a simple accounting firm. The project experts, who are truly competent in accounting matters, are providing their costumers with business management assistance form 2009.
Our offer implies competent and responsible assistance in your business. We are eager to answer any questions you may have and help you to solve any problem you are dealing with or do not have the necessary experience to settle. “Ducont” guarantees enhanced clarity and simplicity in the accounting reports, as well as data ordering or structuring aspects.

How does “Ducont” work?

“Ducont” aims at providing comfort and simplifying the accounting procedures.

The language used in communication is simple and clear, this is why our customers are always very well informed and take the right decisions in respect to the business they run.

You ask us questions and we give you accurate and complete answers.

We are always ready to assist you in managing your business. We are willing to help you solve any problem. Our professional team will be able to find a solution to any accounting-related problem and give timely and precise answer considering the specific requirements of each client.

We assure you that you can entrust us with all the routine accounting procedures. The only condition imposed by “Ducont” is the provision of timely and full documentary support.

With a view to gaining more credibility and reliability, the data processing is carried out in a fair and transparent manner. Each client has his own “personal cabinet” on, where they can access in real time their data and see the ongoing operations their data are involved in. Everything works simply and effectively

Another important positive aspect is the fact that the payment for all the provided services is made only after the completion of the work. The “Ducont” monthly service cost calculation takes into account the amount of the performed financial operations, achieved sales, processed documents and solved problems.

All these calculations can be checked and tracked by our customers. Our services are clear and easy to use.
We are aiming at continuously developing our professional skills and achieving success together with our customers.

5 reasons to choose “Ducont”:

Reliability. Our services are available at any time, since we work without holidays, leaves and even sick leaves.


Experience. “Ducont” gained a strong reputation in the field of accounting thanks to its vast experience and positive results for dozens of other companies operating in related areas.


Savings. The cooperation with us will relieve you from the necessity to purchase expensive softwares, as well as any auxiliary equipment necessary for computer data processing, printer or stationery.


Flexibility. The costs for the services provided by “Ducont” are calculated based on the volume and complexity of the work carried out by our specialists. We have no flat rate or temporary prices.


Responsibility. “Ducont” assumes full responsibility for the data creation and processing, tax calculation, accounting records’ completion and ensures the confidentiality of all the information which is processed or which results from the calculations and operations. All the relevant details are specified in detail in the cooperation agreement and communicated to the customer in full extent and in timely manner.