Legal address

The legal address represents the head office of a company and is an essential element in establishing a company, since it is indicated in the company’s Articles of Incorporation, this address is also required throughout the whole deployment of a business or in case the head office of your entity moves to a new address.

If you hold a business outside Chișinău, but you wish to have the Legal Address in Chișinău, this service is what you need, especially given the fact that Ducont Consulting SRL provides free Legal Address to all its clients.

Receiving a free Legal Address


To receive the free Legal Address service, you must be (or become) the client of the entity Ducont Consulting SRL, i.e. you must have or conclude an agreement with the company that stipulates that Ducont Consulting SRL provides other services to you than the Legal Address, out of the services that can be found in the company’s portfolio, such as: accounting services, consulting in launching a business, fiscal and accounting consulting, etc.

The client of Ducont Consulting SRL is considered the entity that has concluded a service delivery agreement and this title can be provided throughout the term of the agreement, i.e. from the conclusion of the collaboration agreement until its termination.

Ducont Consulting SRL provides this service for free to new clients and to old ones.


Legal head office from Ducont Consulting SRL


    • Ducont Consulting SRL also provides services of Hosting the Legal Head Office, which implies providing a Legal Address for a limited period.


  • The Legal Headquarters Service is intended for transition companies that migrate from their initial residence with the intention to settle at another address, after a period of search.


Conditions for receiving a Legal Address or a Legal Head Office


  • The term for offering the Address is the term of the agreement concluded with Ducont Consulting SRL.
  • The free Legal Address Service is intended for any client with no restrictions or privileges.
  • The Legal Address is in Chișinău, Buiucani sector.
  • No postal address is offered.