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The tax legislation of the Republic of Moldova is constantly changing and revised. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to be always in touch with the newly introduced amendments and completions and focus time and effort you saved on some other noteworthy activities.

The “Ducont” team offers a range of useful solutions for your business, while the tax advisory service is of its top priorities in the business environment. Tax legislation is quite complex, regardless of its successive amendments and revision, and requires a thorough approach, since the misinterpretations and the failure to comply with the regulations in force may seriously harm your business. “Ducont” will solve this problem and will provide you with continuous assistance on all tax-related issues.

Accounting Consultancy

  1. Tax and audit-related assistance:
    • Preliminary consultation;
    • Verification and preparation of the documents to be audited;
    • Ensure due auditing processes.
  2. Contact Customer Support::
    • By all the available means: phone / fax, chat, e-mail, Skype;
    • We are ready and willing to give clear and precise answers to any accounting-related questions.
  3. Tax-related laws and aspects:
    • We are always updated with the latest changes in the legislation.

Tax Consultancy:

  • Consultancy on tax optimization at the level of your organization
  • Information concerning the amount and calculation of the liabilities for the following: income tax from wages, health and social contributions, corporation tax
  • Permanent and timely information of the company’s management on taxing and accounting regulations
  • Training of the staff on the primary documents’ drawing up and circulation within the organization
  • Consultancy in choosing the most suitable information system

The consultation of an expert on tax issues represents a constant need, given the complexity of the legislation and especially its importance, regardless of the stage of business you are at.

Due to this set of solutions proposed by the “Ducont” experts, you will not need to worry for your tax obligations any more. We have a wide experience and large expertise to provide you with the necessary information, new legislative details and changes. Your company staff will be trained and updated with the most important aspects related to document drawing up, as well as other bureaucratic issues.

Other services

Accounting service

Accounting consists in taking over and processing your company documents, as well as obtaining all the records required by the legislation in force.

Starting a Business

“Ducont” can assist you in launching, monitoring, maintaining and improving your own business.

Legal address

The legal address represents the head office of a company and is an essential element in establishing a company, since it is indicated in the company’s Articles of Incorporation.

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