Starting a Business

When starting a business, our customers are experiencing certain difficulties related to the administrative data organization and processing.
One of the obstacles standing in their way is the need to structure and phase both initially envisaged and unplanned activities. Given the rapid business development in the modern world, everyone should stay abreast of the latest developments and pay special attention to the innovations from different areas.

“Ducont” can assist you in launching, monitoring, maintaining and improving your own business.

1. Starting a Business

 Our experts in this area will provide you with detailed consultation
 as well as all with all the information you may need before starting a business
 Moreover, they will give you relevant recommendations related to the choice of the legal address and type of economic activity to launch
 You will be also provided with a complete list of all the necessary documents and procedures.
 The next step is the registration with the State Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova.

2. General counseling in the in the field of taxation

We guarantee complete informing on tax issues, as well as careful business planning and coordination including accounting, in the context of the taxation system. You will also become familiar with the reporting procedures and the official and correct organization of all documentation and accountancy.

3. Advice on the registration of new branches, warehouses and offices with the State Tax Service, as well as obtaining all the authorizations needed in this respect.


4. Registration of the cash register.