Accounting services

Accounting is a main service provided by the “Ducont” team and consists in taking over and processing the documents of your enterprise, as well as obtaining the data required by the legislation in force.
The accounting service provided by our team reflects the financial operations and processes carried out in strict compliance with the existing laws and regulations.

Accounting process stages


 1. Transmission of documents. Payment of taxes

You only need to put at the “Ducont” disposal all the necessary documents and ensure timely payment of the taxes.


  2. Document Processing

Our experts will take care of all your documents. The results of their work can be viewed on your personal page. The documents will be sorted and entered into the database that you can access at any time in order make sure of the procedures’ correctness.
You can easily work with the data and information stored in the existing archives any time.


  You can at any time access data on: You can at any time access data on:

  • Your Debtors
  • Debts to the Contractors
  • Income and expenses
  • List of documents required for the new accounting operations
  • Debts to the state (taxes), etc.


  4. Reporting

  • We guarantee timely and effective preparation of the reports.
  • Our team undertakes to send the drawn up reports to the following relevant authorities: Social Insurance Fund, Department of Statistics, etc.


  5. Backup and Storage

We commit ourselves to ensure storage of data in electronic format and guarantee the transfer of the accounting documents after the end of the reporting period. With “Ducont” your company’s accounting data will be safe and will remain confidential.

“Ducont” is the best choice for your company!

What is the accounting legislative basis?

The main document regulating the accounting activity is the Accounting Law No. 113 2007, entered into force in 2008.
This law includes several mandatory criteria and crucial for the accounting system that must be considered during accounting management, in accordance with the given system. Since the accounting operations shall be carried out in strict accordance with the legal provisions, the “Ducont” team provides professional solutions that will help ensure the proper implementation of this process.

Accounting basic operations:

  • registration of the primary documents in accordance with the current legislation and accounting principles
  • analytical and synthetic record of customers and suppliers
  • fixed assets accounting, depreciation calculation
  • developing the monthly trial balance
  • managerial and cost accounting
  • compilation and submission of tax declarations in accordance with the current legislation
  • drawing up other statements and reports in accordance with applicable law
  • preparation, verification and certification of the balance sheet

The “Ducont” team possesses a wide experience in the accounting field and provides a variety of as efficient solutions for the organization of the financial department. The accounting services provided by the “Ducont” team are designed for the entrepreneurs who are not familiar enough with the legislative field or wish to conduct their financial and economic operations in a more efficient way. With this option, all the incoming and outgoing documents will be processed in an operative manner. The accounts will no longer be a stress for you!